Nursing Education - Undergrad

9 min.   |   Topics: Nursing School, Clinicals, Intimidation, Trauma

How are nurses of color being welcomed into the nursing profession? How are nurses of color treated at the highest levels of nursing academia?

When discussing their experiences in nursing education, nurses and nurse educators reveal the obstacles they faced in a dominantly white profession, and break down what dismantling a racist education system looks like, while reflecting on the past and the present state of nursing.

Undergrad Education - Reckoning With Racism with Nursing
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The five nurses featured in this documentary are Florence Emananjo-Ochieze, Diona Martyn, Sylvia Jalil-Gutierrez, Kemmarie Beal, and Jackeline Biddle-Richard.

If you would like to learn more about their individual stories, please click the links in their names above.