Caring Against The Grain

11 min.   |   Topics: Implicit Bias, Overt Racism, Accountability

Caring Against the Grain - Reckoning With Racism in Nursing
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How does nursing, being the most trusted profession, take the necessary steps to make nursing anti-racist? Where do we draw the line?


In "Caring Against the Grain," nurses expose the lethal consequences of racism in nursing, how explicit and implicit bias affect patient care, and how the nursing profession can take steps to provide equitable care and treatment to patients of color. These nurses discuss the power of speaking out, and what the nursing profession must do as a whole to better the health outcomes for all. 

The five nurses featured in this documentary are Anitha Saravanan, Kim Kim, Nikki Akparewa, Viviana Garcia Garcia, and Lucinda Canty

If you would like to learn more about their individual stories, please click the links in their names above.